Project title: Eye on Earth

Acronym: EonE

Project duration: July 2017 - May 2019 (22 months)

Contract: 131 STAR/ 2017

Project budget: 791963 RON

Financing body: The project is financially supported by the Romanian Space Agency through the Space Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Programme

Contractor : Institutul National pentru Fizica Laserilor, Plasmei si Radiatiei

Project coordinator: Dr. Dan Sporea

Project objectives:

In order to support the future European Space Agency FLEX mission, in the frame of the project will be developed several laboratory setups for the evaluation of vegetation condition by:

In addition, laboratory experimental setups will be developed for the calibration of the instruments to be used in field investigation, in order to support through ground or drone based measurements FLEX data interpretation.

The start TRL in all cases is TRL2, while the end TRL is expected to be TRL 4.

Contributions to the STAR program objectives and to ESA programs:

Project partners:

The project is run in cooperation with members of the COST Action ES1309 - Innovative optical Tools for proximal sensing of ecophysiological processes (OPTIMISE - ).

The cooperation with European partners will continue in the frame of the COST Action CA17134 - Optical synergies for spatiotemporal sensing of scalable ecophysiological traits (, coordinated in Romania by our Institute.

Project Phase I implementation (2017)

During the Phase I the following activities were carried out:

Project Phase II implementation (2018)

During the Phase II the following activities were carried out:

Project Phase III implementation (2019)

During the Phase III the following activities were carried out:

•  Starting from an extensive literature review a study was performed referring to the calibration of filed instruments for vegetation condition monitoring (spectral reflectance measurements and SIF).

•  Several experimental set-ups were developed for the calibration of field spectrometers:

•  spectral irradiance;

•  spectral radiance;

•  wavelength;

•  Associated to the developed set-ups specific procedures were elaborated.

•  According to these procedures several fiber optic spectrometers were calibrated.

•  The developed set-ups were also used for the calibration of spectrometers belonging to the COST Action CA17134 partners.

•  Dr. Laura Mihai and dr. D. Sporea attended the international workshop "Data Quality Workshop: Radiometric Measurement Approaches", held at Zurich University , March, 11 - 12, 2019. The goal of the workshop was the better understand the possible sources of error that could occur in case of field measurements and to identify best measurement capabilities for more accurate results.


1. L. Mihai, A. Mac Arthur , A. Hueni, I. Robinson, D. Sporea, Optimized Spectrometers Characterization Procedure for Near Ground Support of ESA FLEX Observations: Part 1 Spectral Calibration and Characterisation, Remote Sens. 2018, 10 (2), 289

2. J. Pacheco-Labrador, A. Hueni,, L. Mihai, A. Mac Arthur, D. Sporea et al. Instrumental considerations in the proximal sensing of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, Remote Sens. 2019, 11, 960; doi:10.3390/rs11080960..


The project results dissemination includes several presentations at international workshops and conferences:

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